Milano MAI offers customer made services for gowns and cocktail dresses. Please use our SPECIAL OCCASION INQUIRY form below to schedule an appointment.

The required timeline is approximately 1 - 2 months in advance. Anything below 1 month will be subjected to a 10% rush service extra fee.

We required a three steps policy before completing a special occasion garment:

  1. Consultation – 50% payment due – Discuss sketches, color, fabrics, trim, theme, measurements and price.
  2. First fitting – 0% payment due – Garment is in muslin and required fitting.
  3. Second fitting – 0% payment due – Garment is in the correct fabric and correct trimming but still required fitting.

The customer must pay the remaining due (50%) before we deliver the garment. The garment will be fully completed with complimentary shipping.

There are no returns, no exchanges and no cancellations after consultation. If you change the design after 1st fitting, there will be an additional 25% in extra charges.